Gernot Weithofer

Most requested Skills

Most requested Skills in recent Projects including Websites, Hybrid Apps for IOS and Android and Ecommerce with outstanding Design.

Vue + Headless API

Vue is a proven Javascript Framework and used by many around the World. Combined with a Headless API it garantees maximum scalability.

QR Code + API

QR Codes are a great tool to improve your Users Experience, and it also speeds up things by skiping the need to type urls for example.


WordPress in combination with WooCommerce is a very nice way to put up an online store and get started with Ecommerce - best suited for small/medium shops.

Infrastructure and Server-Side Skills

As a Fullstack Programmer these are the most requested server side skills from my customers.


Your Website or Application can live in a Container, which makes it very transportable and overcomes the OS-Hurdle as it runs on almost every System.

System Administration

Yes sir, i know a lot about Server Administration and the Shell is my home, but i am also comfortable with a lot of known GUIs like Plesk or CPanel.


SSL Encryption is a must and should be standard - and indeed it is in every of my projects. Letsencrypt, Domain or Organization validated.

Good to know you get this - Skills​

Creating good stuff needs a little more, so you might be excited to know that i have this Skills to.

API Development

APIs make your Application and/or data accessible to others, but you can also gain while integrating them to yours.


Prestashop is a massive Player in the Ecommerce-Space and might be the horse you bet on for B2B Shops.

Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD

Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD are my favourite Tools to create designs and Interfaces.

Softskills, battle proved

Appearently people enjoy working with me, and i believe this sort of love comes from my battle-proven set of soft Skills.

Happy most of the time

Fortunately i am happy most of the time, which is based on my ability to find a solution in 97.5% of the cases.

Clear terms

I am a big fan of "Clear terms, long friends" - which means you can not only trust me but get even a little more as requested.

Deadline friendly

Deadlines matter and need to be calculated wisely in order to have a smooth ride and to avoid stress and sleepless nights.

Very nice to work with

Watch at this list of fabolous clients.